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The Uphill Goat is a podcast that will guide you through adventures in the Mountains primarily with Mountain Biking and Skiing. Take a deep dive into the best techniques for high performance in Mountain Bike racing, and in life.

Rating: 1 out of 5.

One star, too much hype.

— AJ

Going For Top 10 on the White Rim The Uphill Goat – Hosted By Andrew Conover

A few weeks ago a friend told me the Spry gang was going to ride the White Rim and he wanted to do it as fast as he could. It sounded intriguing and so I went with him. My stretch goal was 6 hours, but I would be stoked to be anywhere under sub 6:30. Top 10 is 6:26, so that was something I thought could potentially be in the cards if everything went perfectly.
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