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“Working with AJ over the past year has been an phenominal experience! Not only has he helped me reach my cycling goals, but he also helped me recover from an injury that probably would have ended my racing career had I not been coaching with him. Overall I would 100% recommend him to anyone who wants to be serious about racing, or even just wants to get more fit!”

— David Bennet

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More than coaching, more than racing, it’s becoming.

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  • Like a Child

    Today I helped out my cousins with fixing some of their bikes, and while I was repairing flats, and adjusting derailleurs, brakes, and other basic parts, my little cousins were asking me all kinds of questions. Not just questions about what I was doing, but also about skiing, and mountain bike racing. It reminded me… Read more

  • Cold Fusion

    With a good stable snowpack, and still plenty of snow to ski, we decided it was finally time to go put our own tracks down the famous north face of Mount Timpanogos: Cold Fusion. At around 10 am, Ashton and I started hiking up Bear Canyon at Mutual Dell, while John and Addie drove up… Read more

  • Pedaling through the Memories: My Adventures in Mountain Biking- Part 2.

    I finished up the first pat of this story with the end of my freshman year, when my bike just about exploded at state. If you haven’t read that yet, check it out here: Pedaling through the Memories: My Adventures in Mountain Biking. Today I wanted to continue to tell my story. Following that race, I… Read more

  • T I M P A N O G O S

    On a whim we decided it was finally time to go and ski the face of Mount Timpanogos. This is the queen of the Wasatch, and a face I’ve been looking at my entire life. I remember my brothers used to talk about wanting to ski it one day. I did too, but I was… Read more

  • How to Explore a New Area

    Part of the excitement and fun surrounding mountain biking, backcountry skiing, trail running, and anything else outside is exploration. Anytime you ride a new trail, ski a new line, or run up a new mountain you feel like Christopher Columbus sailing to the Americas. With mountain biking and other summer sports, exploring isn’t as intimidating.… Read more

  • Make Sure to Stop and Smell the Roses

    I went on a ride again today. It was beautiful. Green grass, yellow flowers, overcast skies. I think it’s interesting how overcast skies bring out the deep colors of the earth more. I’m a fan. I kind of felt like taking things slow today, and just enjoying the ride. I messed around on the jumps,… Read more

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