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What People Say

“Working with AJ over the past year has been an phenominal experience! Not only has he helped me reach my cycling goals, but he also helped me recover from an injury that probably would have ended my racing career had I not been coaching with him. Overall I would 100% recommend him to anyone who wants to be serious about racing, or even just wants to get more fit!”

— David Bennet

Become an Uphill Goat

More than coaching, more than racing, it’s becoming.

Expand your vision. Reach your goals.

  • But I hate changing!

    “But I hate changing!” Cannon said this afternoon to my Mom who was asking him to change out of his church clothes before he ate lunch. Cannon is 9 years old, and sometimes it’s hard to get him to do anything that sounds like work, and for him that includes changing. I don’t like changing… Read more

  • I’ve stopped eating during training

    I’ve stopped eating during training, and here’s why. Burning fat is 17x more efficient than burning carbohydrates. Most people can only burn fat up to their zone 2, or endurance pace. Highly trained athletes can ride all the way up to zone 4 (there threshold/race pace) burning fat, allowing them to be much faster because… Read more

  • Roberts Horn

    After the first turn, I realized it was the best corn I’d ever skied. Corn is weird, it’s hard to explain. It’s like a groomer, but better. It’s somewhere between a groomer and powder. Fast and consistent like a groomer, soft like powder. We started skinning from the Aspen Grove parking lot at around 9… Read more

  • People Are Gnarly

    I’ve spent most of my teenage years skiing up Little Cottonwood Canyon and staring at the crazy mountain across the road. 10 years ago it got skied regularly, but only be a few people. Now, Mount Superior gets skied by many people regularly. I’m always impressed by how many really good skiers there are in… Read more

  • The Golden Rule

    Someone at work was asking about the mountain bike camps I run over the summer and they asked what are two or three most important skills you teach? Immediately two things came to my mind: I told him that if you simply look where you want to go, over half of a mountain bikers mistakers… Read more

  • Why?

    As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, I participate in a fast from food and water for 24 hours each month. Today was fast Sunday, and I was reminded of how weak I am. Of how weak we all are. Take away something as simple as food and water… Read more

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