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“Working with AJ over the past year has been an phenominal experience! Not only has he helped me reach my cycling goals, but he also helped me recover from an injury that probably would have ended my racing career had I not been coaching with him. Overall I would 100% recommend him to anyone who wants to be serious about racing, or even just wants to get more fit!”

— David Bennet

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  • What I Do When I’m Not Feeling 100%

    Ever since Saturday morning, I have felt slightly off. I’m not super sick, but I have a little bit of congestion, and I’ve been sleeping a lot more than normal. The other concerning factor was that on Tuesdays ride I got into low tempo a few times on the climbs and my chest had some… Read more

  • What Is Sport?

    A classic conversation in High School hallways is the debate as to whether or not marching band is a sport. Today, that thought got me thinking? What really does define sport? Does it need a ball? Does it need to be in the Olympics? Does it require a team? People have all kinds of different… Read more

  • To the Roots

    Is there value in learning your heritage?  Last week, my great Aunt Gladys died in Dillon Montana and so we’ve spent the past two days driving to Dillon, staying at the family ranch, attending the funeral, and driving home. The last time I went to the family ranch was in 2010 for my Glady’s husbands… Read more

  • Disappointment: Keep Moving Forward

    I opened my inbox, excited to find out if I was accepted on the Bear Development Team. Approaching 4 years ago, I read the words “You are hereby called to serve in the Argentina Resistencia Mission.” Tonight, my amazing little sister Abigail read the words “You are hereby called to serve in the Riverside California… Read more

  • It’s Working

    I just back from the second race of the season, a biathlon at the Euclid in Heber. Between every lap you would shoot five little targets, and for each target you miss you have to do a short penalty lap (around 10 seconds). We did 5 laps and so 25 shots total. I was happy… Read more

  • I Don’t Have a Sports Psychologist, But…

    I don’t have a sports psychologist, but I wish I did. However, I do have a dad who has a masters in psychology and a boss at work who is a life coach, and strengths coach. I’ve also taken the Sports Psychology class from Craig Manning at BYU. What goes on in the mind during… Read more

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