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What People Say

“Working with AJ over the past year has been an phenominal experience! Not only has he helped me reach my cycling goals, but he also helped me recover from an injury that probably would have ended my racing career had I not been coaching with him. Overall I would 100% recommend him to anyone who wants to be serious about racing, or even just wants to get more fit!”

— David Bennet

Become an Uphill Goat

More than coaching, more than racing, it’s becoming.

Expand your vision. Reach your goals.

  • All In

    Are you all in? Fully committed? Have you thrown your sack over the fence? Research shows that you’re happier if you are. But what are you all in too? What are you fully committed to? What is something so valuable that you can go all in without needing to look back?! I’ll let you in… Read more

  • Do you have a place?

    Do you have a place? A place where you can go to reset, refocus, and re-motivate? Maybe it’s not a place, maybe it’s a person. Or a group of people. For me, my place is the mountains, and the Uinta mountains are some of my favorite. I had the opportunity to do an overnighter with… Read more

  • Why do you race/train?

    I’ve been taking this week off the bike to rest and reset for the second half of the season. With some of my extra time I’ve been reflecting on why I race, and what makes racing fun for me. In doing so I’ve realized that I’ve begun to take it too seriously again. This is… Read more

  • Flipping Bikes

    My brother approached me last weekend with a proposal. He wanted to start flipping bikes. He said that he would provide the capital, I would provide the knowledge, and we’d both pick up bikes/talk to people and split the profits 50/50. I told him I wasn’t sure, but was willing to try it. We purchased… Read more

  • Crusher in the Tushar Race Recap

    On Saturday July 8th, I lined up for my second Crusher in the Tushar. This race has grown substantially in the dozen or so years it’s been hosted. With it being added to the Lifetime series, it’s pulling some of the fastest riders in the nation/world. To demonstrate the way this race has gotten faster… Read more

  • All it Takes is One

    All it takes is one. One big race.  One big performance. And everything changes.  On a small level all it took was me winning my first race in 2016. I proceeded to win the next 6 races I raced.   All it takes for Pros is to win one World Cup, and then they’re legit. And… Read more

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