The Golden Rule

Someone at work was asking about the mountain bike camps I run over the summer and they asked what are two or three most important skills you teach?

Immediately two things came to my mind:

  1. The golden rule: Look where you want to go.
  2. Attack position: The position that will allow you to ride at the highest speeds, in the safest way, with the most control.

I told him that if you simply look where you want to go, over half of a mountain bikers mistakers will be fixed. Not simply gaze in the general direction, but focus on the specific line you want to take. If you’re going through a section with a bunch of rocks, and one smooth line between them, there’s only one place you can look to make it through smoothly: the smooth line. Look at a rock for one second and what will happen? You’ll hit it. Every time. You go where you look.

He asked me why I teach kids camps, or what the goal is with it. I hadn’t ever been asked this before, but I was surprised at how quickly a response came out. I told him that I serve as the bridge between parents and kids. It seems that it’s often hard for kids to trust their parents when they’re mountain biking. They’re worried they’re going to take them somewhere that will scare them, and that they’ll crash and get hurt. Not all kids, but a lot of them. What I do is give kids the confidence by teaching them fundamental skills, so that by the end of the week they’re not just comfortable on most trails, they know how to drop of curbs, ride down stairs, and do parking lot tricks.

I help make it possible for parents and children to have fun in the mountains together.

Stay tuned for more sign up info coming soon for this summer!

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