Make Sure to Stop and Smell the Roses

I went on a ride again today. It was beautiful. Green grass, yellow flowers, overcast skies.

I think it’s interesting how overcast skies bring out the deep colors of the earth more. I’m a fan. I kind of felt like taking things slow today, and just enjoying the ride. I messed around on the jumps, and pump track at the Provo Canyon Park near the mouth of the canyon. My legs didn’t feel good today, but I had fun. And that’s what’s important.

It reminded me of when I started mountain biking. I wanted to keep track of it all because it felt like an amazing adventure. I could be gone for 7 hours on a Saturday. Not because I was riding for 7 hours, I probably only rode for 4. The rest of the time I would try to take sick videos of me jumping off small rocks. I got good at using Rocks for a tripod, and I just got lost in the journey. It was fantastic.

As I got more into racing and training, I’ve lost a little bit of that. So rides like todays are important. Rides when I simply am outside on my bike. There’s not a lot to it, but it’s beautiful, and it’s an adventure.

I stop more. I take more pictures. I smell the flowers.

Trainings good, great even. But occasionally the adventure is what’s best.

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