Beautifully Broken

Imagine a world where nothing broke. Would it be better?

It sounds really nice, never bring your car into the shop, never have a mechanical in a race, never go without AC.

Never have an injured heart, or broken bone, or a mental health problem.

Would it actually be better though?

I don’t know that it would. Even though broken things can be painful, and frustrating. I believe that we often learn great lessons from broken things.

For example, in 2019 when I snapped my chain at my biggest race of the year after having a really good start, I was devastated…at first. But I learned powerful lessons.

Also practical ones, like be careful when smashing on your pedals while shifting.

But I learned that cycling was taking too high of a priority in my life. Some readers may wonder if that’s even possible, but for me it certainly is! As much as I love racing, training, and the community of cycling, it can’t be number one. It can be high on the priority list, but there are other things that are even more important to me.

I need to put God first. He should direct my path, not cycling. My snapped chain at Nationals was a reminder to me of that. It was a reminder because when all of my hopes and dreamed were snapped in a fraction of a second, it brought me out of the tunnel vision I had had for months, and gave me perspective. I learned.

Today I snapped one of my skis.

I haven’t learned anything particularly yet from that. But it’s led me to reflect on broken things, which has helped me learn.

We’re all broken.

But not broken for good.

We are continually repaired into something better.

I think that’s the beauty of broken things, they come back better.

When we break we have a choice, either give up, or get better.

Choose to get better. It makes being broken beautiful.

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