Mountain Biking, Rock Climbing, and Missile Sledding

The weather peaked over 50 today which meant it was time to pull the bike off the wall again. I sleep right under it, so it’s been itching at me for the past few weeks, as I’ve put very few miles on it this winter. I was really happy with my feeling on the bike today. My Zone 2 power is so much higher than it’s ever been due to so much time skiing and focusing on building my aerobic base. It’s super fun to be able to go fast at a low effort. I did a few laps on the lower half of Rock Canyon. It’s super fun to ride in the snow because the traction is surprisingly good and it’s so smooth.

In the summer Rock Canyon is super technical, so it’s arguably faster in the snow, at least on the way up. Coming down is also quick and super fun though! On my last descent I slid out going around a corner, but thanks to the snow it was nice and soft and I didn’t get hurt at all! Then I went and rode around the Provo foothills looking at the houses. The climbs just North of Rock Canyon are steep and fun. Lot’s of good options for hill repeats over there.

I ended up doing 3400 feet and just under 18 miles in 2 hours. It was a fun ride, and I’m really happy with how my bike fitness is shaping up. It’s going to be a good race season.

After my ride I quickly changed and headed over to the Quarry for my Rock Climbing class. It’s been super fun to get better at climbing over the past few weeks! I climbed an 11d today almost flawlessly which was pretty sweet! It’s taught me a lot about looking ahead, and being intentional about my movements, which is also important in cycling.

While climbing I was talking to the Rock Climbing professor who is a super cool dude. He owns the Quarry (I think) and also mountain bikes and backcountry skies. We were talking about our bikes, and skis and he said, “You know, you have a lot more toys than most people your age.” I told him that I want to get all the toys I can before I get married so I don’t have to ask my wife for permission!

And then tonight after Positive Psychology a group of us headed back to Rock Canyon for some missile sledding! It’s pretty awesome when you can participate in three awesome activities in one day! The conditions were perfect up Rock Canyon. Firm and fast, but plenty of soft snow on the sides to slow down if you need to.

It was one girls first time and she made the comment, “I don’t think I can ever go normal sledding again.” I think 90% of the people I’ve taken missile sledding have said the same thing. It really is one of the funnest things you can do in the snow.

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