Work, Pray, Obey, Laugh!

This isn’t going to be about the mountains, or about performance psychology, it’s going to be about something, someone far more important.

Occasionally there are people in our lives who help us change in wonderful ways. One example in my life was my mission President, President Ensign. A mission president is someone who is called to lead the missionaries in a mission (usually a few states, or a part of a country) for three years. President Ensign was an incredible man in so many ways, but my favorite quality was his ability too see people for who they are at their best, and for who they can become.

I find it fascinating how someone who focuses on peoples potential is much more effective in helping people to grow than a person who tells people what they’re bad at, or what they’re doing wrong.

President Ensign was also full of passion. For everything. He inspired so many people, and his impact was immeasurable.

What I felt from President Ensign was love. In its purest form. True Charity. It was hard not to feel that anything was possible after a meeting with him.

He taught our mission the wonderful motto, “work, pray, obey, laugh.” He was definitely adamant about the first three, but he equally emphasized the fourth. He loved to have fun, and he was good at it. Whether it was talking trash about how he could beat anyone in basketball, or if it was cheating in golf, he always knew how to have a good time. I loved that about him.

President Ensign passed away this afternoon. Near the end of my mission he was diagnosed with cancer and had to return home early. We knew this was coming, but it doesn’t make it any less sad.

Eric, God be with you till me meet again.

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