Go Do Something New

I decided not to go to St. George to race for a couple of reasons. 

  1. My Ward (the people I go to church with) was having a talent show tonight, and my roommates wanted me to participate with them, as the drummer in their band. 
  2. We’re breaking snow records, and I want to take advantage of it. I might not ever have a winter like this again. 

I haven’t ever played the drums before, but I thought it’d be fun to learn for the performance, so last night I picked up the sticks for my first time. Thankfully the song we were playing, Yellow by Coldplay, has an easy drum part. 

There’s something exciting, and I think healthy about doing new things. As kids it’s super easy to do new things all of the time, but as we get older, we tend to fall into our routines, and every day ends up being pretty similar. Something I want to work into my routines is trying new things. Maybe something like, “Friday is a try something new day.” 

I don’t actually know what happens psychologically when we do new things for fun, but my observations suggest that it adds an element of thrill to our lives. Discovery is exciting, and something that brings more energy to each part of our lives. 

I also think it helps with people discover what they’re passionate about. 

In my experience design amd management class last semester they talked about how the council from career advisors is often, 

“what are you passionate about?” 

“I don’t know”

“Find out, then come back.”

This doesn’t actually work. The problem is that people don’t just decide to be passionate about something by looking at a list of opportunities, or directions they could take their live. People gain passion by doing. So the best way to discover your passions and the things you really love is to continually try new things. 

What about when you already feel like you’ve found your calling in life, and you’re busy and engaged in the things you’re doing, and you don’t feel like you have time to try new things? 

Here’s what’s fascinating, everything is more connected than we often realize. As you learn new things, it will make you better at your main focus. It will increase your creativity and help you to perform with a unique flair. 

I’m not suggesting that you should aimlessly try everything. That could lead to never making nay serious progress in any given field. But I am suggesting to not get too caught up in one thing. If you can keep exploring, the main field you are progressing in will continue to be developed in unexpected ways, as you bring in your discoveries from other experiences. 

So go do something new. 

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