Hidden Beauty

Normally at this time of year I’d be asleep in St. George, excitedly awaiting my first race of the season-The True Grit. This year due to limited biking, I’ve decided to delay racing and enjoy the all time winter we’re having. But to be completely honest, there’s a big part of me right now that is wishing I was racing. It’s something I love, and I hope that everything goes well for the race tomorrow.

Aside from the racing I’m missing, the skiing has been pretty amazing. We finally have some warm temperatures moving in this weekend and next week, but the upper elevation areas are still getting a lot of snow while they valley is getting rain. The good news is that as soon as it hits 50 degrees and sunny in the valley, most people put their ski stuff away, even though there is usually still a lot more skiing to be had. I just counted and I’m at 66 days on the season. I’ll easily get over 100 at this point because we can ski any day we want through June and easily into July, maybe even into August?

Today we hit some new for me liens in American Fork Canyon. We decided to stay away from the cottonwoods because we were worried traffic could have been a mess, and so we went for what John has named “quick n beauty” and “hidden beauty.” They’re both right out of Timpooneke, North West facing. There’s a lot of good terrain in this area with couloir galore and lot’s of open, and tree skiing.

The snow was super sticky. We started by having three of us towed behind the moon bike, but because the snow was so grabby, we ended up having to do laps taking one at a time. I ended up “skinning” up the AFC road without my skins on. It was that sticky. After making it a good chunk of the way I was pulled up to the T were you can either go right toward the Timpooneke trailhead or left to keep going on the Alpine loop.

After a short approach you start the climb for what you’re going to ski.

I don’t know if it was because of how wet the snow was or because of the warm temperatures, or both, but the snow was sticking to my skins like crazy today and it was pretty terrible. It made the skinning slow and difficult. Towards the top of the run, or at least where we decided to turn around it got better because the temperatures were cooler and the snow wasn’t as sticky.

The upper part of the skiing was really great, nice creamy turns through sparse trees.

Down low it was sketchy. The snow would grab your skis and make you want to endo. Thankfully we all made it down okay and then had the long haul back to the pine hollow parking lot. There was such a nasty headwind, it made it really slow moving going back down. We had to skate and push a lot. John started pulling my Dad down, but he ended up catching a rope and flying forward, smashing his head a foot into the snow! Thankfully he was okay! It was fun to ski with him today.

Overall, the skiing was decent today. 6.5/10. It was really wet. The skinning was a 2/10.

While driving down just a little bit below mutual dell there was a girl who was stuck off the side of the road because she had tried to pull off, but because the road ends and it’s just snow the side of her car just completely sunk and she was sitting on her bumper. We stopped and then another car did too and we pulled her out with the car. Thankfully she slid right out without any problems!

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