When the Universe Aligns: A Skiing Experience of a Lifetime

Occasionally all of the stars align, and you get what you want. Other times, the whole universe aligns and you get skiing you didn’t think was possible. That was today.

Often some decision making based on observations on Utah Avalanche Center, we opted to go and ski Bob’s Bowl, above Aspen Grove. It’s not a super long run, but it’s safe and with the wind from the West, we figured it would be a good option.

On the way up we saw someone drop into Bobs Proper which had stuffs all over it, and it looked unbelievable. I don’t think we ever saw his legs or skis, every turn was up to his neck or over his head. It ended up being Christoff, also known as the mediocre Amateur, nice guy. We talked to him for a minute and he said, “Today is the day.”

We remarked that there have been a lot of really good days this year, but after watching come down, I wondered if today really was “the day.” After having increased confidence in the steeper slope, we opted to go straight for it.

I dropped in first and I’m not sure there are words that could adequately describe the quality of skiing. I giggled the whole way down like a little girl at a one direction concert. Once I started laughing I couldn’t stop. I got to the bottom and radioed to the top, telling them that my face was really cold. It almost didn’t seem real. I thought to myself that heaven better be at least this good.

At this point I went ahead of the group and did an extra lap on Bob’s bowl, and although not as steep as Bob’s proper, it was still incredible. The girl I ran into at the bottom said it was the best skiing in her life. It was.

I then went back up and met my group at the top of Bob’s proper. This time we decided it was safe enough to ski together, and so we went two at a time. I left my mouth open for a second and it was immediately filled with snow and I had to cough it out. It was so deep that it was like you were periodically coming out of water to see where you were going. This led John and I to crash into each other which sent him tumbling right as we triggered a small storm slab, maybe 18 inches deep. It was so low density though that it didn’t have any power to it. It all just slid over John but didn’t take him anywhere. That’s how all of the sluffs felt today, they were insignificant because they carried no weight, it may as well have been air. Because that’s basically what it was.

We skinned up and did two more laps on Bob’s bowl, before exiting down Bob’s proper. Every run was just as good, yet somehow still mind-blowing.

We made the right choice today. The universe aligned. And as I once heard a lifty at Alta say, “Today was all-time, and it was all-time all day.”

If you don’t believe me watch this video.

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