The perfect comfort combo.

Today was a missile sled day. I didn’t have a ton of time between school and other obligations so I met a friend at the mouth of Rock Canyon for a quick sled. We enjoyed catching up as we hiked up the trail. The conditions were perfect today. The snow had firmed up, but it was still soft on the sides, making for fast gliding down the middle, and easy slowing down on the sides without having to shove your feet in the snow.

It was the perfect comfort combo. You could go as fast as possible with no fear of not being able to slow down. It was like the trail in Draper Achtung Baby, where the faster you go, the funner it is, because it never feels that sketchy.

It was also the best powder surfing I’ve experienced on a sled. The sun had baked it just enough that it was supportive, but it still felt like you were floating.

It all topped out with an incredible exit view down to the parking lot on the snowy road. The sun was setting over the west mountains and the light was perfect. The soft pink glow over the white mountains to the west, and the top of Squaw lit up like it was on fire. Magical.

I didn’t bring my GoPro today and honestly, I’m not sad about it. There’s something satisfying about knowing it was only captured in my memory. In some ways it makes it a little bit more special.

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