You Can’t Win Them All

Today was…well…interesting.

It snowed at least 6 inches here in Provo overnight and everything got moved online. My Spanish class met over zoom and during the whole thing John and I were talking about our ski plans. We had talked about going up American Fork Canyon and skiing the three temptations with the moon bike, which would have been great.

I didn’t feel like dealing with driving to Highland with the current conditions and so he ended up coming to me. My roommate Kyle also decided to take advantage of the new snow and come with us. So it was John, his daughter Addie, Kyle, and me. We left a little before 1 to go and ski the West face on the south side of Hobble Creek Canyon. We had looked at it from the freeway and it looked really awesome, so we figured today was a good day to check it out. Bad idea.

It turns out, we couldn’t find any good way to access it, so instead we opted for Bartholomew Canyon up the left fork up Hobble Creek. When we were a little ways up the fork, the Big Black Van lost traction and we weren’t able to make progress. We turned around, and then tried turning around again and got stuck. Thankfully an old Chevy Truck with a plow on the front came by and pulled us out.

We left Hobble Creek Canyon and were going to go for Bob’s Nob, but decided to just stay closer and ski the Y.

At this point it was already around 2:45 and we were just kind of done. 0 for 2 on a powder day was unfortunate.

We skinned up without any problems and then did a lap down the Y. It was fine. We hit some rocks, but it was reasonable. Then we skinned back up and went a little bit further up the Y trail where it turns to single track and skied back down with our skis on. At some point one of John’s skins came off, which he realized while we were transitioning. So while he went back up to find it, I started stomping out a little jump off one of the benches at the top of the Y.

When he got back I attempted a 360 and didn’t quite make it around. Still fun though!

The best part of the skiing was ripping the first part of the Y trail and just absolutely bombing, but then the coverage got really bad and we hit a ton of rocks and started destroying our skis, so we stopped and walked the rest of the way.

Today was one of the worst time:Ski ratio’s ever, and the skiing was sub par, but at the end of the day I can’t complain, we were still in the mountains. And the new snow is super awesome.

Today was a good example of the importance of having a A plan with a good B plan. We didn’t really have either. We just saw a face and said let’s go ski it! In our desire to check a random mountain of the list, and ski new snow, we failed to do any proper research and we ended up skiing the Y on a deep pow day.

Thankfully this storm isn’t stopping anytime soon, and the skiing is just going to get better over the next week or two.

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