Back To The Burn

The goal for today was initially to get a lot of training, but I ended up going skiing with my brothers and Dad which was great! This shifted the objective to find good skiing, which is fairly difficult right now after sustained time with no new snow and a lot of wind that messed everything up. My best bet was “The Burn”

A couple of weeks ago I talked about skiing the burn. It’s probably the only place I’ll keep a secret on here. But to give you some clues there was a fire there a few years ago, that opened up a ton of North Facing terrain because it burnt all of the branches off of the tight pine trees. This also makes for a cool ambiance and some really fun skiing through the trees. The other clue is that it’s within 1 hour of my apartment in Provo.

It has a short road approach, before you really get to the good terrain. To my pleasure, I was right about finding good snow. The turns were consistent and awesome on everything North facing. Another clue is that you can see the valley from where you’re skiing. With todays amazing visibility it made for some beautiful views all the way around.

On another note, today I had some friends over and we messed around with Chat GPT for a while. It felt like a new toy on Christmas. The capabilities are remarkable. I’ve tried using it to write a couple of these posts in the past, but it hasn’t felt like me, and so I’ve ended up writing my own post. It’s made me think about the importance of being our authentic selves. My Sports Psychology Professor Craig Manning talked about how the more he tried to make his son play tennis like Roger Federer, the more he was taking him down a path of failure. His son needed to learn to play his best tennis, which would be different than Roger Federer’s. We’re not here on earth to try to be someone else. We’re here to become the best versions of ourselves, by trying to be like Christ. Chat GPT will be a super helpful tool for many things moving forward, but it’ll never replace the individual, authentic self.

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