The Burn

With 4-8 inches overnight, it was another truly epic ski day. We went out to one of our favorite areas that we call “the burn.” There was a forest fire there a few years ago, and so a ton of North facing terrain that previously would have been un-skiable it’s now super great. The aesthetics are also amazing because it’s so different. The pine trees have all of their branches and bark sheered off of them and are a beautiful light brown color. On our way up it was foggy and snowing, so the poor visibility added to the unearthly image that skiing at the burn is.

After over 3,000 of breaking trail it was time to harvest the new snow. It was some of the best skiing of the year. Soft, easy, and fun. I was back on my Black Diamond Helio 105’s because of the broken binding on my Salomon X-Alps and it’s crazy how different the two skis are! The Helios are more stable, and it almost felt like I was skiing in slow motion as we were carving effortlessly through the naked pine trees.

It was good enough that we re-skinned and went for another half lap before making the final descent back to the car. Even the short road exit was really fun. The few inches on top of the snowmobile bumps made for the perfect ski pump track. You could gain speed, and even double the bumps, making it really fun. It was also a good workout because it was basically explosive squats for five minutes.

We’ll definitely be back to this iconic area.

For the skiing and the views.

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