It’s All Time Right Now.

Today I felt pretty gangster as I set out on my moped with new snow on the ground, 19 degrees, and some good sun. It’s amazing how dressing appropriately makes it totally reasonable. Thankfully the main roads had been plowed pretty well and so it was safe.

I met John at the mouth of Provo Canyon and we drove up to Aspen Grove. Sundance had received 10 inches of cold smoke overnight and so we were expecting good skiing. As we were driving up we could see tracks on the East face that’s South of the Aspen Grove Parking lot. We have never seen tracks here and so it was exciting to see.

When we got to Aspen Grove we unloaded the moon bike John’s (and mine) favorite new toy. It’s an electric timber sled and we’re going to use it to ski a lot of cool lines that previously would’ve been really difficult! It was John’s second day with it and so we were mostly just trying it out.

It towed me up to the base of Bob’s and Betty’s in about 5 minutes and it was super easy! We’re pumped!

Betty’s had only been skied one time and so we skinned up the gully and around to the top. It was beautiful. Sunny, Blue skies, yet still snowing. It felt like we were in a snow globe. Even though it was only 14 degrees at the trailhead, John had some problems with snow sticking to the bottom of his skin which was weird. The sun was bright and warm which was likely what was leading to the problem.

At the top we ran into a couple cool skiers and talked with them for a few minutes before dropping into the most North East facing aspect of Betty’s Bump. It skied really well, but wasn’t as long as the more South East aspect. At the bottom we went back up the gully and this time to Bob’s Nob. Bob’s Nob skied really well. It’s quickly becoming one of my favorite runs. Long, steep, and consistent. I did 2 more laps on it, each one was fantastic! There was a decent amount of stuffing happening, but no slabs. There was some clear wind loading at the top that we were mostly able to avoid.

It was a beautiful day with a lot of good skiing.

This winter is incredible. Go take advantage of it. It’s all time.

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