Bob’s Nob and Betty’s Bump, With a New Exit – No Road.

Today I set out the door with my roommate Kyle to meet up with our other friend Ashton and go and ski above Aspen Grove. This has been one of our go to spots recently as the skiing is excellent and it’s only 30 minutes from where we live in Provo. I’m finishing out the rest week and so I wanted to keep it pretty chill, but I was also excited to get some good skiing. My initial reaction when we arrived in the parking lot was that there is SO MUCH SNOW! It’s amazing. I think it’s possible we’ll be enjoying this depth for months and still have good skiing through June and into July.

We started skinning up the road and a few things caught my eye.

  1. The bottom of the Time East Face is completely filled in. No more bushes anywhere. It’s beautiful and looks simple to ski now.
  2. The Couloir on the North face from the Aspen Grove Parking lot had a skinner and tracks and looks like a really fun run on a stable day.
  3. There was a skin track going up and ski tracks going down a face that was straight dirt a couple of months ago and is normally impossible to ski. So cool.

We opted to skin up the normal way which was the right choice. Weirdly there were no tracks on Betty’s Bump and so we opted to be the first. We caressed three beautiful lines like art on canvas. There is something really satisfying about being the first people to lay tracks on a slope. Even if the skiing isn’t all time, it’s worth doing.

The snow had been minimally affected by the sun and wind, but if you went fast and pressed into your turns, it was super fun.

After a lap on Betty’s we went up to the top of Bobs nob and skied the main face. I was surprised at how few tracks were on it. >10. Bobs nob is an excellent run. It’s long, steep, and consistent–quickly becoming one of my favorites. Even though we were all a little bit tired at this point, we decided to go for another lap because it was really fun. this time we skied South down the shoulder which had been wind loaded on one side and it was really fun. Then we dropped left and had another long and really fun run. Maybe the best snow of the day and it was cool to ski something new. Afterward we cut around to the south face which had a really bad crust, but it gave us a steep slope that basically took us all the way to the parking lot. Now anytime it snows, this is going to be an excellent way to finish out the tour!

Today was a good day, with good friends, good lines, and good snow. Good.

Go ski.

The Couloir on the North face as seen just up the trail from the parking lot.

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