Switching Things Up

As I mentioned yesterday, this week is a rest week. Because of this I wanted to take advantage of less time on skis and get some school work done and try to get a little bit ahead. So today I hit school hard for most of the day. But to wrap up the evening, my roommates and I went to classic skating. While I was there I had some thoughts about how getting better at something athletic, helps you to be better in your other sports.

Play different sports. It helps in several ways:

  1. Cross-training: Playing different sports can help athletes develop a diverse set of physical and mental skills that can transfer to other sports. For example, a runner who also plays basketball may develop better coordination and agility.
  2. Reducing injury risk: Participating in a variety of sports can help reduce the risk of overuse injuries. When athletes focus on one sport year-round, they are at a higher risk for overuse injuries.
  3. Improving overall fitness: A well-rounded athletic background can help improve overall fitness. Athletes who participate in different sports will have a wider range of physical abilities, which can help them perform better in their primary sport.
  4. Increased mental toughness: Athletes who participate in different sports are exposed to a variety of different challenges, which can help them develop mental toughness and resilience.

Overall, participating in different sports can be beneficial for athletes in many ways and can help them become more well-rounded, physically fit and mentally strong.

I’ve seen this be true as I’ve increased the variety of sports I participate in, specifically with skiing helping my mountain bike racing.

Clearly skating with your friends isn’t a rigorous activity and probably doesn’t increase fitness, but while I was skating I found a good flow, and that transfers well to riding trails in a fast and fun way.

Go try something new.

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